Reunion 2013 Survey

This survey should only take a couple minutes.  Thanks for taking the time!

If you know of classmaes who don't check email, please share the survey with them.

I will advise all of the results.



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* Answer Required
1)   * Would you be interested in attending a 45th high school class reunion?

  Yes, definitely
  It depends on when it's held
2)   Have you attended any other reunions of our class? (Click all that apply.)

3)   If you have attended previous reunions, please share what you liked or disliked about them.

4)   If you are interested in a reunion this year, when would you prefer it to be scheduled?

  Early Fall
  AHHS Homecoming Week-end
5)   If scheduled in the summer would you prefer...

  Indoors: Cocktail hour and dinner
  Outdoors: casual picnic style
6)   If indoors, would you like to have music for dancing?

  Yes, live band
  Yes, DJ
  No music
7)   If outdoors, would you like to have music for dancing?

  Yes, live band
  Yes, DJ
  No music
8)   Would you like other planned activities to round out the weekend? (Check all that apply.)

  Yes, Friday
  Yes, Sunday
  No, prefer to meet up casually with other classmates
9)   Would you be willing to help with the planning and execution of the reunion? (Check all that apply)

  Searching for and contacting missing classmates
  Menu planning
  Sending Invitations
  Set up
  I am unavailable to help
10)   If available to help, how would you like to be contacted?

11)   Please offer any additional thoughts, comments or ideas.